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Wine Food Matching
How to create a harmonious Wine Food marriage?
There are many different occasions to drink wine, but always with the same hope to derive maximum of pleasure. To make this pleasure complete you should respect a certain number of rules and principles, particularly carefully select wines to accompany meals.
Three main precepts should be taken into consideration. First, during a meal, always progress in quality, so that you never regret the previous wine. Secondly, the following wine serving order should be followed: the sparkling wine comes first, then white wine, then rosé, then red wine and finally sweet wine. Thirdly, it is advisable to demonstrate originality and inventiveness, and even to take some risks, provided that we can satisfy our personal tastes and those of our guests
The horizontal and vertical wine tasting.

The harmony must be respected along two axes: the horizontal - one wine with a single dish - and the vertical - reflecting the wines and dishes that come before and after. Horizontal axe aims to find the perfect harmony between a dish and wine. It includes the following rules: the rule of combinations - a light meal with light bodied and little expressive wine, a rich meal with full bodied and very expressive wine etc, the rule of terroir - a regional dish should be accompanied by wine of the same region - and the rule of non-competing flavors: the dish and wine should enhance each other and not compete or quench each other.
The vertical wine tasting contains few simple rules that need to be respected. The white wines are served before the red wines, the young wines before the older ones, dry wines before sweet wines. Serving wine should start with least alcoholic wines and finish by those which are stronger, cooled wines and finish wines kept in room temperature. One should avoid serving more than three different wines; otherwise the aromas will get mixed and we risk not to draw the ultimate pleasure.
It is about finding flavors that respond best when they are associated. It is an ultimate achievement when tastes blend harmoniously and create new sensations they would not have produced separately. Such a combination may be based on similarities or on contrasts. Of course, to find a good wine food matching pair, the first thing is to know the dishes and wines! Knowledge of cépages, the specific characteristics of each vintage, will help you to choose wine that will match the season, time of day, the ambiance of the meal or the personality of guests. However, we will also remember that this is not an exact science: as many different tastes as many people. The choice of wine should not be imposed, but proposed, each person remaining free to enjoy it.

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