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"Le mariage de saveurs" - Wine food matching Guide.
"Le mariage de saveurs" is a practical wine food matching guide which will allow you to easily and successfully harmonise your favouite dishes with available wines. Thanks to our guide,  elaborated with cooperation of wine production specialists, you will possess all necessary keys to discover  the savours  universe of flavors and aromas that make your gourmet experience unique and unforgettable.
It will help you to provide a new dimension to your daily meals, to your dinners with friends or meals with your loved ones, rapidly becoming an essential accessory in your kitchen. In addition, from now on, you will never have a problem to find an original gift to offer to your loved ones. Our guide "Le mariage de saveurs" - wine food pairing guide is a perfect gift for any occasion: Christmas, Mother's Day or Father's Day, Valentine's Day or for a birthday.

"Le mariage de saveurs" contains 200 pages where you will find, in a form of double sided palette, a variety of dishes accompanied by one or more suggested wines to serve with each of them. All wines are described: their color, type and origin are given (French most numerous wines are not defined by country of origin). Thanks to the wide variety of dishes you can choose between various entrées, soups, meat or fish dishes, vegetarian dishes, cheese and desserts.
The suggested dishes and wines originate from all over the world. You will find there wines from France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Austria, Australia, Chile, Hungary, Mexico, Algeria, Argentina, Portugal, Brazil, Greece and Uruguay. As for food, you will have the choice between the typical French cuisine, Swiss, German or Italian dishes.
The names of dishes and wines are listed alphabetically. Thus, we give you the opportunity to find your own matchings that suit you best. Our goal is to show how to enhance the flavors of a dish by combining it with a matching wine and let your senses speak. We also put at your disposal index of abbreviations. 
The world of wine food pairings is full of mystery. Sometimes the simplest dish and most modest wine can turn into a real delight. For this reason, we invite you to experiment with flavors and to seek your own win food pairings to suit your personal tastes.
Remember! No wine food pairing is perfect. No wine food pairing is wrong. Let your imagination flow to increase the pleasure of your senses.
"Le mariage de saveurs" - Wine food matching Guide