Guide des accords METS-VINS



Would you like to promote your products and services?

 Are you seeking to maintain your trade image and to attract new clients ?
We invite you to place your advertisments in our practical wine food matching guide and therefore make you become more known to wine lovers passionate about savours harmony.


Unique formula
Our publication is a practical tool for daily use for all wine lovers of good wine and good food. Thanks to its unique and original formula, that differentiates it from other similar publications available on the market, it is an exceptional gift to offer to yourfriends or your clients. Therefore our guide has all the advantages and features that will allow you to successfully target a wine passionate audience as well asnovice connoisseur. 

Visual identity
The ability to place your advertisement in our guide will allow you to improve the visual identity of your business.Surrounded by delicious wines and refined dishes, your products and services will quickly become synonymous with good quality. Moreover, this image will be enhanced by printing your advertisements on a superior quality paper and by the use of technology "full color.
Theme Environment
In order that your advertising does not escape the attention of users of our guide, we guarantee that the number of advertisements will be limited and thoroughly selected in line with the theme of our Guide which will facilitate your potential customers to remember your advert better and even increase its the effectiveness.

Interested in publication of your advertisement in our Guide "Mariage de saveurs” - guide to food and wine matching

Your advertisement can be published
  • either as an advertising module 70 mm x 56 mm
  • your advertisement will occupy one third of page
  • size of the page: 170 mm x 70 mm
  • or as a full page design advertisement
  • not exceeding the maximum size of the page: 170 mm x 70 mm
  • your advertising will occupy an entire page
  • prepare your final file: 70mm x 56mm or 170mm x 70mm and then add 2mm margins around (bleed).
As to the placement of your advertising you can choose between:

  • the cover the last page
  • the two interiors pages both of front and back cover.
  • a chosen page from 3 to 7 and from 10 to 197 according to availability of pages.

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Design and printing technology of your advertisement 

Unique and original design

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ModulesÙ sizes
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Printing technologie


Technology "full color" with the graphical
representation of your advertising without limit.
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Determined to publish your advertisement?


Your advertisement file should be sent format TIFF (files/ designs prepared with Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel or. Jpg format will not be accepted). Regarding the graphic representation of your advertising, we do not impose any limits.

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